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Cassie, a Minnesota native and Army Veteran, has loved animals since she was a little girl on her family’s farm. After her first deployment with the Army in 2005, she got her first dog, Toby, a yellow lab. He brought joy to her unit when he visited the office with her in Germany, and 9 years later, still gives the most heartwarming, enthusiastic greetings whether you’ve been gone a day or an hour!

In 2010, Cassie started using her passion for dogs to foster and rehabilitate abandoned dogs for her local SPCA and Southeast German Shepherd Rescue (SGSR). She now sits on the board of SGSR and has fostered countless dogs with different rehabilitation needs and personalities. She is also the founder and Director of SGSR’s TherapyVets program, which helps to place rescued German Shepherds with Veterans in Minnesota.

The rest of Cassie’s pack, German Shepherds Jemma, Jager and Titan and German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix Andy, inspires her to help other dogs live off leash every day. They all came into her home with various rehabilitative needs, from separation anxiety to extreme fear of people, to simple lack of socialization. The difference this training made for her pack was the driving force behind Cassie becoming a trainer herself.

Cassie is thrilled to bring Off Leash K9 Training to her home state of Minnesota, after a very successful year as co-owner of Off Leash K9 Training, Charlottesville in Virginia.

Email cassie@offleashk9training.com or text/call 320.491.3347 for more information!

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