EVALUATION $49 – 1/2 hour long

Get a feel for our training before you buy the full package by completing an intro lesson. We will meet private for 1/2 hour and discuss issues you are facing and what training will help you accomplish the results you are looking for.


BASIC OBEDIENCE 4 Private Classes $195 – 1 hour long

We can teach your dog all the basics right along side of you.  Not only do we train the dog but we also train you!  Its a private setting with no one else in the room


IN HOME DOG TRAINING $99 – 1 hour long

Lessons in your house!  We can teach you all the basics in the comfort of your own home!  Any command you need to know or lesson you want.




Strong headed? Bull headed? Wont Listen?  This program is for you!  This is our most popular program and deals with every type of dog out there!  We train dogs with a leash and graduate to an ecollar ensuring recall and reactivity is kept to a minimum.  Our course is pretty intense but very friendly to the dog.  We change the obedience level of your dog — not their spirit.


At the end of our board and train programs expect to spend about 2 hours with us upon pickup.  This is where we train you!